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How to Start Your Wholesale Bags Business From Home?

Wholesale bag businesses have become popular in recent years, allowing entrepreneurs to access a reliable bag supplier, invest in premium-quality bags, and sell them for higher-than-average prices.

So, starting and running an E-commerce business is efficient, reliable, flexible, hassle-free, and cost-effective, whether wholesale bags or retail products. You can create a B2B E-commerce shop and sell wholesale bags, including travel, laptop, purse, backpack, rucksacks, briefcases, pouches, or satchel backpacks. Read on!

Reasons to Choose Online Wholesale Bags Business

Running the bags business from home is one of the best ways to achieve a stable income stream. Not only do online platforms enable you to reach your target audience, but it also streamlines your brand identity, recognition, and reputation. Here are a few reasons to start an online business and sell wholesale bags.

17.3-inch Versatile Laptop Backpack

1.Lower Cost with Higher Profits

Unlike other companies with brick-and-mortar locations, running an E-commerce store/shop does not require a lot of investment. For example, you don't need to pay upfront costs like rent, store design, repairs, inventory, electricity bills, warehousing, etc.

Besides, you don't need to spend much money on marketing, advertising, or promoting wholesale bags, such as a bagsmart travel bag, backpack, and laptop bag, because online platforms provide cutting-edge tools/methods, such as E-commerce Global, social media channels/sites, and more.

So, you can use these tools to promote wholesale bags, drive more customers to your E-commerce website, and generate higher revenues. These tools cost less than traditional marketing.

2.Easy to Handle

Running an online store selling wholesale bags is hassle-free because you can easily access a reputable bag supplier like Bagsmart and choose a wide range of bag/backpack products with unique designs, styles, sizes, materials, and prices.

So, you can simplify the entire process by storing and creating product listings, reducing costs, performing affordable marketing and advertising, and providing your existing and potential customers with flexibility.

3.Safe Investment During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc worldwide and affected millions of people. It has disrupted supply chain operations, closed down businesses, and forced people to stay in their homes to prevent the risk of infections.

Small Biz Trends reports that 45% of startups and small-medium enterprises generated less than 50% of revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic compared to the pre-Covid sales.[1]

These statistics show that starting an E-commerce store selling wholesale bags is a safe investment because you don't have a brick-and-mortar location that requires implementing social distancing protocols.

Laptop Backpacks for Women

How to Start up Your Online Bags Business?

Here are a few basic steps to consider when starting your online wholesale bag business.

Step 1: Cooperate with a Reliable Bag Supplier

Finding and cooperating with a professional, reputable, reliable bag supplier is the first step to launching your eCommerce business. While most entrepreneurs focus on their target audience and competitors, investing more time in finding a reliable supplier will positively impact your business.

Step 2: Pick Some Different Styles for Your Online Store

In addition, we recommend picking wholesale bags with different styles, materials, and features, such as comfortable straps, zippers, locks, multiple compartments or pockets, and waterproof.

Buying different styles of wholesale bags is an excellent way to provide your potential customers with a wide range of products and let them purchase the ones they prefer. So, this increases your chances of selling more and increasing revenues.

Step 3: Resell Them on Your E-Commerce Store

Setting up your E-commerce store/website is one of the most manageable steps because you can create a website within a few hours.

Best-Selling Wholesale Bags from Bagsmart

There are dozens of brands and hundreds of products available on the market. However, Bagsmart offers quality, reliable, durable, lightweight, compact, secure, and affordable bags. Some of the best-selling wholesale bags from Bagsmart are:

School Laptop Backpack

Cool Luxury Ladies Computer Bag

This Bagsmart's Cool Luxury Ladies Computer Bag is a perfect product for women seeking a contemporary, practical, stylish, and functional design. The product is made of premium-quality polyester fabric with water-resistant capabilities. It is a spacious bag for laptops up to 15.6 or 17.3 inches and has multiple compartments to store essential accessories.

If you are looking for durable, compact, stylish, and functional laptop backpacks, look no further than Bonchemin 15.6 inches laptop backpacks. The spacious bag has multiple compartments, a modern design, and two-way zipper closures.

15.6 Inch Travel Bag With Laptop Compartment

This travel bag is one of the best practices of the “Organize All Day” idea from Bagsmart. It is made of industrial-grade polyester fabric with excellent water resistance. Its features include gold-color zippers, elegant design, spaciousness, and several compartments, making it a perfect product for travel, work, and school/college.

Final Words

E-commerce shops and online marketplaces have dominated the business world because they enable people to start their own businesses and sell a wide range of products.

Although wholesale bags businesses are popular, they have moderate competition, meaning you can leverage the opportunity and launch a profitable business/E-commerce store from your home. Contact Bagsmart for more information or browse the company’s unique collection of wholesale bags.


[1] 45% of Small Businesses Have Earned Half or Less of Their Pre-COVID Revenue During Pandemic. Available at: (Accessed: 30th October 2022)

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