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Travel Bags for Women: The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Travel Gifts in 2023

This holiday season, surprise the jet-setting woman in your life with a stylish travel bag-the perfect gift for her endless voyages. Watch her face light up Christmas morning when she unwraps a durable duffel or a roomy makeup case, ready to keep her organized on yuletide yoga retreats or beachside destinations.

She'll be envisioning sunny getaways for 2023 thanks to your thoughtful gift, already planning her next romantic escape. Give her the gift of effortless organization with a trendy travel bag she can flaunt on all her upcoming adventures, near and far!

Why Travel Bags Make Great Christmas Gifts

Why Travel Bags Make Great Christmas Gifts

Travel bags make for fantastic gifts for several reasons. First, they are extremely practical. What experienced traveler couldn't use a new duffel bag or toiletry organizer? Second, travel bags come in endless styles, colors, and designs. You're sure to find the perfect bag to fit your giftee's taste and personality. And finally, giving travel luggage just feels appropriate for a wanderlust-stricken loved one. It shows you really understand their passion for seeing the world and want to support their hobby. Any jetsetter will appreciate a well-thought-out travel bag this holiday season!

Duffel bags are a travel essential, providing plenty of packing space for clothes, shoes, and other necessities. No more will your giftee have to agonize over how to fit everything into a teeny tiny carry-on! A roomy duffel bag says, "Pack it all! I can handle it!" What freedom for the chronic overpacker! A stylish new duffel bag under the Christmas tree promises many significantly less stressful travel days ahead.

Toiletry bags are another handy gift for that person who is always on the go. We all know that one person who somehow manages to spread their toiletries far and wide around the hotel room. A toiletry bag helps corral all those items in one place, avoiding mini heart attacks when a toothbrush goes missing. With compartments and pockets sized perfectly for everything from toothpaste to razor blades, these bags can make anyone feel organized and put together while traveling. It's like a little slice of home on the road!

So this Christmas, consider surprising that favorite globe-trotting friend or family member with the gift of hassle-free travels ahead - the gift of a travel bag under the tree is sure to please!

Key Features to Look for in a Travel Bag Gift

Key Features to Look for in a Travel Bag Gift


Durable fabrics like polyester can withstand the chaos of crowded flights and cobblestone streets without unsightly scuffs and stains. Because no fashionable globe-trotter wants to lug drab, beat-up luggage around Italy or Hawaii!


Pick a bag that won't weigh her down-those suites with beautiful views are often at the top of steep hills! Opt for soft, padded straps so her shoulders don't ache after an all-day excursion to the local craft market or wine tasting.


Plenty of pockets keep essentials handy when she's digging for her passport at customs or needs lip balm after a day of sea sailing. Interior compartments prevent a suitcase explosion whenever she's searching for her swimsuit or statement earrings.


Stay neat and tidy on your travels with the ingenious waterproof front pocket that separates damp from dry items. Made of dirt-resistant PVC, the pocket prevents soggy messes from seeping into the rest of your belongings. No more frantically digging for a tissue only to find it soaked and useless!

Gift your favorite fashionista travel bags with features that let her voyage in comfort and style. She'll think of you fondly on every fabulous trip!

Keep Her Organized On-The-Go with the Perfect Travel Bags

The Odelia Toiletry Bag - A tidy travel buddy for her daily essentials

The Odelia Toiletry Bag - A tidy travel buddy for her daily essentials

Make her world tidier this Christmas with the ultimate travel companion: the Odelia Toiletry Bag. Overflowing with handy features, this bag is ready to organize her jet-setting lifestyle in style. She'll stay stress-free through security lines and turbulence ahead thanks to smart storage galore.

Here are the brilliant details that make the Odelia Bag the ideal travel companion for her holidays ahead:

  • Quilted water-resistant polyester fabric - This stylish bag can withstand the chaos of travel and everyday use. No need to worry about spills and stains!
  • Large main compartment with two-way zipper - The supersized main compartment has plenty of space for all her creams, lotions, makeup, and other daily essentials. No more leaving things behind!
  • Two mesh pockets keep small items upright - The upright mesh pockets help her stay organized by keeping delicate items like perfume bottles neatly in place.
  • Zippered clear pouch for liquids - Leakproof pouches prevent spills and explosions! She can avoid those scary moments of opening her bag to discover her shampoo leaked all over.
  • Waterproof front pocket separates wet and dry items - No more rummaging through soggy Kleenex and toilet paper! This bag keeps her wet and dry items separate.

The Wanderland Duffel - A roomy and stylish companion for weekends away

The Wanderland Duffel - A roomy and stylish companion for weekends away

Jet-set in style with the perfect weekend - the Wanderland Duffel! Overflowing with features to keep her breezing through getaways, this lightweight duffel is the ultimate carry-on companion.

Here are the standout features that make this duffel bag a first-class travel gift:

  • Lightweight cotton with slouchy silhouette - Fashionable, lightweight, and perfect for the trendy traveler on the go. She'll look oh-so chic strolling through the airport or wandering weekend markets. The lightweight material allows her to pack everything she needs for a stylish getaway without the backache!
  • Zippered bottom shoe compartment - No need to worry about dirty shoes messing up her fresh shirts and blouses! The handy shoe compartment keeps smelly sneakers separate.
  • 39 liters capacity for 2-4 day trips - Plenty of space for a couple of days' worth of clothes or even a weekend getaway. Now she can focus on planning activities instead of strategizing how to fit it all!
  • Interior and exterior pockets - This bag makes it easy to organize all her trip necessities and keep them within reach in the smart interior and exterior pockets.
  • Fun colors and patterns - Cute styles to match her personal taste and brighten up any trip!

No matter where life takes her, these thoughtful and practical gifts will keep her tidy and stylish on the go! The perfect holiday present for a girl who's always on the move.

Where to Find These Quality Vintage-Style Vegan Bags

No matter where life takes her, these thoughtful and practical gifts from Bagsmart will keep her organized and stylish on the go. The durable fabrics and compartments ensure she glides effortlessly through airports with room for all her holiday necessities.

She'll fondly reminisce about your gift-picking finesse every time she jets off to new horizons with her trendy travel companions. Watching her breezily voyage the world with ease is the gift that keeps on giving.

This season, spark inspiration for future getaways by gifting multipurpose travel bags to the wanderlust in your life. With quality bags in total shapes and cute prints, her suitcase will overflow with festive ensembles for all of her upcoming adventures.

Let Bagsmart make holiday shopping easy with one-stop browsing for the trendiest travel accessories. Discover gifts with vintage appeal that she can treasure for trips to come-the perfect finishing touch for her lifelong travel memoirs.


Q1: What is a good Christmas gift for people who like traveling?

Travel duffel bags or toiletry bags make excellent gifts for the wanderluster in your life. They'll provide plenty of space and organization for all their holiday adventures near and far.

Q2: How do you give Christmas presents when traveling?

If you'll be away for the holidays, ship gifts ahead of time so they arrive before December 25th. Or give travel bag gifts that can be sent instantly online. You can also bring compact gifts like gift cards that are easy to pack.

Q3: How to gift a travel duffel bag?

Place the duffel under the tree wrapped in festive paper, or opt for gift bags or boxes tied with ribbon. Include a thoughtful note about why you chose it and wish them happy travels. Offer to help them pack and organize it for their first big trip!

Q4: How do you gift a friend who is going abroad?

Think about practical items they may need while away from home, like travel bags, packing cubes, language guides, and cozy plane socks. A nice journal is great for documenting their journey. Gift cards allow them to pick fun souvenirs.

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